A $200.00 (non-refundable) deposit will be required to hold (BUYER’S) Boston Terrier. If you decide you do not want the Boston Terrier you will lose your deposit. The remainder will be paid at time of pick-up or if shipping; before the puppy is shipped.

Payments are required to be Cashier’s Check or Money Order. We do accept Pay Pal for deposits for our out of town clients. If you prefer to pay by Pay Pal please add 3% to the final cost.

Big Momma’s Boston Terriers guarantees the puppy to be current on age appropriate vaccinations and worming’s. BUYER understands that the puppy will need boosters of the initial vaccinations, generally spaced 3 weeks apart, until the “puppy series” is completed and then annually thereafter. Big Momma’s is not responsible for any sickness/disease etc. due to a non-vaccinated puppy.

Big Momma’s warrants the sound health of the puppy until it reaches 12 months old. The warranty is intended to cover serious genetic defects that are unforeseeable at this time.

This warranty does not cover minor conditions common to the breed: etropian, cherry eye, entropies, “loose patella”, elongated soft palate, stenoic nares (pinched nostrils) or hernias of any kind.



If the puppy is found to have a life-threatening congenital defect or incurable illness within the first 12 months, that will seriously impact the quality of life or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy’s life, the BUYER will receive a replacement puppy if this occurs., Buyer will pay any additional shipping charges, provided ALL the following conditions are met:

a) Big Momma’s Boston’s is contacted within 2 days of diagnosis.

b) The BUYER provides Big Momma’s Boston’s with written documentation: test results, diagnosis, etc. from a licensed veterinarian. Big Momma’s Boston’s will have their own veterinarian interpret the report and if Big Momma’s Boston’s vet concurs, a replacement puppy will be issued.

c) In the unlikely event of the death of the puppy in the first  12 months, a statement from a licensed veterinarian confirming such an event and the cause of death is required before any action will be taken. There must be no evidence that injury, environment, neglect or mistreatment of the puppy caused death. If cause of death is unknown, an autopsy at BUYER’s expense is required that confirms genetic defect in order to receive a replacement puppy.

d) The AKC papers with a signed transfer must be returned to Big Momma’s Boston’s.

Any physical problem which is or could be the result of injury is not covered under this guarantee.

This guarantee does not cover: erect ears, under/overbite, cherry eye, stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, or any other minor conditions common to the Boston Terrier breed.

This guarantee does not include disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, for example: seasonal/skin allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange, dermatitis and other autoimmune disorders; as these are not considered life threatening congenital diseases.

We do not guarantee against conditions that may or may not be stress related from the move to a new home and/or by the shipping process. Stress related conditions that have previously remained dormant can be triggered by the above and unfortunately cannot be diagnosed until an active case becomes evident. Some of the stress related conditions or illnesses are: Coccidia, Giardia, Kennel Cough, and Hypoglycemia.

Big Momma’s Boston’s guarantees our pups to be free from signs of Parvo virus infections for the first 2 days (48 hours)  from purchase. Parvo is highly contagious and can be contracted immediately after leaving the breeder’s home.

Under no circumstances will Big Momma’s Boston’s be responsible for any type of veterinary bills, medical bills, legal liabilities or transportation charges. These costs are the sole responsibility of the BUYER.

Big Momma’s Boston’s does not assume any liability for injury to the puppy during transportation or after delivery.


The BUYER agrees that he/she is not acting as an agent in the purchase of this puppy and agrees to not sell this puppy to any agent or pet store, or place this puppy in an animal shelter, experimental lab or rescue service.

The BUYER agrees that prior to any resale of this puppy within the first year of life, he/she will notify the Breeder and Big Momma’s Boston’s will have first choice to take the puppy back.

The BUYER agrees that the puppy will be an inside dog, part of the family, and will provide safe, adequate housing within the home and yard.

The BUYER agrees to maintain the puppy’s health in good condition and to provide deworming, vaccinations and any other usual procedures recommended by their veterinarian to assure good health.

The BUYER agrees to feed a high quality pet food, provide adequate exercise and lots of love!


This contract is made and signed by both parties to insure the wellbeing and protection of this puppy. If the BUYER breaches any part of this contract, Big Momma’s Boston’s is released from any obligations under this contract.

This contract only applies to the original buyer and is null and void if the puppy is given/sold/transferred to anyone other than signee.

The BUYER’s signature below indicates that he/she has read, agrees and understands all the conditions of the Purchase Agreement & Health Guarantee. Big Momma’s Boston’s makes no guarantees expressed or implied, except stated above.

All sales are considered initiated, transacted and finalized in Shelby County, Tennessee

Seller: ______________________________________________________________________

Laurie and Anna Richardson

4545 Raleigh Millington Road

Memphis, Tennessee 38128

901-382-7594 or


This agreement is for the benefit and protection of the purchaser and seller. This is a guarantee for the health of the puppy for the FIRST 48 HOURS ONLY that is in the buyers care. Every reasonable care is taken by the seller to unsure that this puppy is in good health. The seller is not responsible for ANY veterinary expense upon the sale of this puppy.
Seller and Buyer agree that under no circumstances will the seller be held liable after 48 HOURS of said puppy leaving sellers care. For the protection of Big Mommas Puppies and the buyer, the buyer is required to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian with 48 hours of pick up. If puppy is not seen by a licensed veterinarian by the date of _________________ the health guarantees with this contract are null and void.